Homestyler 3D Content Creation

The professional designer team of Homestyler provides you excellent 3D content creation with high quality and efficiency, to improve your product's visualization for a better sales performance.

What does Homestyler have for 3D content creation?

3D Showroom

Let your customers shop online without time and geographical restrictions. And the immersive interactive VR feature can attract your customers' attention and help to boost your sales performance!


3D Video

Thanks to Homestyler's own professional design team, we can help to display your products dynamically by creating 3D video. The overall style of video is unified and the visual effect is fantastic.


3D Design Service

If you do not have your own design team, Homestyler could provide the online design service to virtually stage your stores or showrooms you would like to display to your customers.

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Why choose us for 3D content creation?

Quality Assurance

The professionalism of our design team and our powerful platform product capabilities make Homestyler the quality assurance in the minds of all our clients.


Variety of 3D content

3D Showroom, 3D Design Service, 3D Video... There is always a service to meet your business needs for 3D content.


High Efficiency

Standard industrialization workflow, dedicated support from Homestyler for strict quality standards.


Powerful Technology

Help the shopping experience to transform from the offline shelves to the immersive scene shopping experience.

3D Design Service Price
3D Design Service Procedure
  1. step

    Step 1

    We will give you a quotation after receiving your floor plan & requirement

  2. step

    Step 2

    After accepting the quotation price, we will provide you a proposal with floor plan, color palette and interior design reference pictures. (3 working days)

  3. step

    Step 3

    If you are ok with the proposal, then we will start to design according to the proposal. The design will revert the proposal as much as it can, at least 70%. (5 working days)

  4. step

    Step 4

    Final submission. We will provide you the design project link, with 3 renders and 1 panorama for each room. (1 working day)

3D Content Showcase
  • 3D Video1
  • 3D Video2
  • 3D Showroom

Choosing us for better visualization and sales performance

Homestyler's 3D content has a distinct design artistry. You can see tight logic, reasonable layout, and prominent theme all the time.