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Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings


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Exercise sunroom

My client wanted her sunroom to be a place for exercise and to hang out and watch TV. She had many items she wanted included in the space including a treadmill and and a stationary bike. She wanted to incorporate some pictures she already had and lots of plants.

Floor Plan 74.75㎡

Exercise sunroom floor plan 74.75
The sunroom is at the bottom right of the layout. The room posed many challenges in its design.

Space Showcase 9 Renders

Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
This is the view upon stepping in from outside. To fit everything in this space, there was only one path of travel that would work. The bold fireplace is a vintage space heater that my client wanted to include in the space.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
This room was built off of the existing house so two of the walls are actually the exterior siding of the home. I replaced the outdoor light with something that felt more like an interior light and added in representations of the fun family photos that they already have.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
The space is too small to include a deep sofa or extra lounge chairs, so these easily moveable ottomans can provide additional seating or a way to put up your feet while not blocking the flow of traffic when not in use.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
Wood paneling is added to the back wall to add warmth and a natural element to the room. The bamboo shade matches the wood paneling to blend in rather than be a feature of the space.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
A rounded loveseat is used as the space is limited and rounded corners allow more room for traffic flow. The side table adds an element of fun and compliments the darker orange of the fireplace.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
My client wanted to include a smart plant tower into this room because of the sunlight it receives. This was positioned next the the second sliding door for optimal sunlight. This sliding door would not be used for entering/exiting the space.
Exercise sunroom 3d design renderings
This is the view upon entering the room from the basement. There were two 4x4 posts in this room that I beefed up by adding some wood boards to make them more substantial and to go with the aesthetic of the space. I also added shelves to one of the posts as a place to grow even more plants.

This home design project - Exercise sunroom was published on 2024-02-27 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 9 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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Updated:2024-02-27 Location: residential

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    Hybrid Interiors @ sabrinik 💫

    Thank you so much, Sabrinik!!😊😊

    5 June

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    sabrinik 💫 @ Hybrid Interiors

    😍😍😍 bellissimo ❣️💖💖💖💖

    29 May

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    Hybrid Interiors @ Mary Leschinskay

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Mary!!😊😊 My client did love the end result. I wish I could share a photo of the before here to show the changes made. Ah well!

    2 May

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    Mary Leschinskay

    Laura, it’s so beautiful interior!
    I think the customer was pleased with this project!
    It would be interesting to see the completed project!

    26 April

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    Hybrid Interiors @ Надежда Брезгина

    Thank you so much, Надежда!!😊😊

    24 April

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    Надежда Брезгина

    Good idea!

    18 April

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    Hybrid Interiors @ Tetiana ♍ SHH

    Thank you so much, Tetiana!!😊

    17 March

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    Tetiana ♍ SHH

    Great job! Thank you for sharing ❤️

    15 March

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    Hybrid Interiors @ Amy

    Thank you so much, Amy!!😊😊 It is definitely a challenge to get decent renderings of small spaces. If it weren't for the clipping tool, I'd be at a total loss.

    4 March

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    I love it!! This looks realistic & beautiful. The touch of orange color adds so much beauty to this sunroom. I've tried to design small spaces, but always find it soo difficult to make renderings. I don't know how you make each render looks picture perfect. Hats off to you!👏👏😍

    27 February