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#MilanDesignWeek- Color Catalog 3d design renderings


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#MilanDesignWeek- Color Catalog

A catalog filled showcase of colors and texture. Including warm colors, cool colors, white/cream, and natural tones and textures.

Floor Plan 152.67㎡

#MilanDesignWeek- Color Catalog floor plan 152.67
#MilanDesignWeek- Color Catalog 3d design picture 152.67

Space Showcase 8 Renders


Showcase 3d design renderings
Welcome to the color catalog!
Showcase 3d design renderings
Desk view
Showcase 3d design renderings
The warm room- reds, pinks, yellows and oranges
Showcase 3d design renderings
The cool room- blues, greens and purples
Showcase 3d design renderings
The natural room- wood tones and textures
Showcase 3d design renderings
The white room- whites and creams
Showcase 3d design renderings


A 360 view of the cool and white rooms
Showcase 3d design renderings


A 360 view of the natural and warm rooms

This home design project - #MilanDesignWeek- Color Catalog was published on 2022-06-21 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 8 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

This interior design idea has been featured in Homestyler Gallery under the following tags:

Milan Design Week
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Comments (4)

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    Rutchevelle Den Ouden, ND


    20 September 2022

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    Diane Ngako

    I love the concept, very cool and brilliant! Love the organic shapes as well. Art deco and post modern are very in right now, and you used it in such a great way.

    15 July 2022

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    Daniele Fiocco

    It's very beautiful. I love the choice of colours for the room above. wonderful. Nice!!!

    22 June 2022

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    it's wonderful!!! I love colors and this project is really excellent! The idea of the 4 themed areas is creative and brilliant. Looking at 720 ° images is great!

    21 June 2022