Why Can't I Make Another Room In My House?

Payton-Jillian Kingston 31 March 2023

So I'm making a home, and I need to make a garage. And the way I need to do it is to make a room change the flooring to the one I want, add the car that I want, and finally add the garage door. But when I go to make a room it will not let me. So I try to use the "By center" Draw tool, and it doesn't work. Nothing shows up. My mouse doesnt even change. So then I finally try the "By Edge" tool and still, nothing, noting shows, and my mouse doesn't even change. I've saved and refreshed my page. I've restarted my Computer. And nothing works. And I have to do this for a class that I am taking. That is due soon.

Please help, Much needed!

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