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Render out your design ideas into beautiful videos
with varied preset effects for as low as $1.99!

  • Easy-to-use and
    Streamlined Workflow

    No need to swap between different 3D softwares like before, you can sketch floorplan, modeling and render videos - all in one Homestyler 3D design tool.

  • Cloud-based
    faster than imagine

    No more waiting for days and have your computer burnt down! Simply submit your design and leave all the chores to us, and have your high-quality video in just a few minutes!

  • Varied
    Preset Motion Effects

    Don't know how to make a video or animation at all? With various built-in motion effects, you could easily get your design alive with just a few clicks!

  1. Video with

    Grow Effect

    With our grow effect, you could either render the growth animation showing your design from to empty rooms to fully furnished and decorated home! They rise from the ground, swivel up, or pop out from air into their position, making your design presentation so vivid.

  2. Video with

    Walkthrough Effect

    By creating a walkthrough video, you could invite your clients or friends to have a room tour in the designated pathways and view angles as you wish.

How it works?

  1. 1

    Create the design and go to "Render"

  2. 2

    Set the keyframes and camera pathways

  3. 3

    Choose the animated motion effect and edit the clips

  4. 4

    Start rendering, download the video and just share!

Watch Tutorial

Watch video tutorials with multi-language subtitles on our Youtube channel.