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#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings


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#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave

This space is a metaverse or a dream home from the point of view of a gentleman. A space that is like a secret man cave decorated with bare concrete walls all over. A sunlit workout space, wooden flooring across the whole open-plan setup, & a picture-perfect bar in an open kitchen are the true delights of a man. Other styling elements include iconic art pieces, smart high-end furniture & lots of greens that serve as an excellent choice in reflecting the above theme. Lastly, the most dramatic of all in the dark theme interiors is the lighting. If played right the space turns out really bold.

Floor Plan 233.38㎡

#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave floor plan 233.38
#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design picture 233.38

Space Showcase 16 Renders

#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings
#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings
#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings
#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings
#HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave 3d design renderings

This home design project - #HSDA2021Residential The Man Cave was published on 2022-02-13 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 16 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • avatarLaila Brodeur

    this was amazing

    25 May

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    8 March

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    Thank you andry ..

    8 March

  • avatarsejal aggarwal @ Styled by ANN DE LEON 🇵🇭

    I am glad..

    8 March

  • avatarsejal aggarwal @ Dorota P

    Thanks dorota

    8 March

  • avatarAnnabella Lara

    so snazy. love the effect

    8 March

  • avatarGigi Ellen

    Wow! SUPER cool!😀

    3 March

  • avatarStyled by ANN DE LEON 🇵🇭

    Perfect! Well designed!

    2 March

  • avatarDorota P


    28 February

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