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♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings


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Welcome back! I actually got inspired by this person online who has an interior designing firm and they modelled these huge wall pop-outs which were so cool and I started from that as my base. I wanted to make this a corporate office, but as you can see, I took a whole different turn on this. It actually became a high-rise restaurant in the city with a magnificent view. I incorporated that richness and beauty and gave it that cool touch of modern. So now, enjoy ♛-Mocha-♛!!! (Note: There are no chairs at the tables because chairs are only displayed when the restaurant is open.)

Floor Plan 563.17㎡

♛-Mocha-♛ floor plan 563.17
A lot of the things were made in the customized modelling and I love the V4.0 that the Homestyler Staff created so a big shoutout to the beautiful updates the design interface got. Thank you so much HS!

Space Showcase 16 Renders

♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
The entrance with built-in light fixtures.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
The reception area. The front tables are for online reservations only.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
This is the back part of the receptionist area that's facing the restaurant's logo. This area is specifically for reservations with paper printouts and barcodes, kinda like a reservation with a receipt.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
A majestic view of the entire receptionist area.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Took a shot of the rug that looks like liquid gold and blends so well with the entire design.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Another view of the restaurant's logo.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
A table with a pretty alignment of all the tableware and a lovely view!
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Take a look at all this richness! And so much space for people!
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Another view of the dining area.
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Bathroom for the gentlement
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
Ladies bathroom
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
The vanity
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings
The actual bathroom with some seating (just in case)
♛-Mocha-♛ 3d design renderings

This home design project - ♛-Mocha-♛ was published on 2021-09-05 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 16 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • avatarEvolutionary Architects @ Mary Leschinskay

    Mary, thank you so much. Much appreciated!

    21 July

  • avatarMary Leschinskay

    Eveline, very interesting project)

    18 July

  • avatarEvolutionary Architects @ Bonnie Gouws

    Yes, this did take a lot of work and it took me so long to find the perfect title. Thank you!!!

    18 November 2021

  • avatarBonnie Gouws

    This much have taken forever. Really love this Mocha and a great name. HS was correct amazing design

    17 November 2021

  • avatarEvolutionary Architects @ Winnie Kayhill

    Haha, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

    19 September 2021

  • avatarWinnie Kayhill

    Very, very cool!!!

    19 September 2021

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    Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your feedback.

    9 September 2021

  • avatarHomestyler Official

    Great restaurant design! Good job~

    8 September 2021

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    Thank you!

    8 September 2021

  • avatarAmy

    very nice!

    8 September 2021