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SOUTHERN FRANCE HOUSE 3d design renderings


My friend, leaves from Paris to join the south of France, and on this occasion, she asked me to realize a 3D design for her house, respecting the following for a well-defined budget. I wanted to make a realistic design, which changes from my previous designs. I let you watch ..

Floor Plan 352.28㎡

SOUTHERN FRANCE HOUSE floor plan 352.28
I wanted to make a realistic design, which changes from my previous designs, where the surface and the budget were not taken into account

This home design project - SOUTHERN FRANCE HOUSE was published on 2020-07-11 and was 100% designed by Homestyler floor planner, which includes 0 high quality photorealistic rendered images.

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  • avatar💕🦋 amourskyy! 🦋💕

    Its so modern and sophisticated. I love it!

    11 December 2020

  • avatarTiana W

    I love how realistic this design is!!!

    12 July 2020

  • avatarMelissa D @ Inès GD Design

    Thank you!! Keep up the great work!

    3 July 2020

  • avatarDaniel Serrano


    24 June 2020

  • avatarjenniferdentale.jd

    this is soo beautiful! and relaxing :)

    23 June 2020

  • avatarLUDO NICCOLI

    how do you make the second floor?

    22 June 2020

  • avatarIsla

    Love this! It's beautiful😍💖

    19 June 2020

  • avatarInès GD Design @ 😍Takira Suckling😍

    thank you very much Takira ! the goal was indeed that it looks as real as possible, glad you like this design :) !

    14 June 2020

  • avatarInès GD Design @ Melissa D

    Hi Melissa ! Thank you ! For the staircase it is in the catalog, in the "construction" section, for the shutters, it is a 3D model that I had trouble finding, I modified it with the 3DS Max software , because they were grouped.

    14 June 2020

  • avatar😍Takira Suckling😍

    wow this looks very real

    14 June 2020