Poll: Should I create my own interior design website?

Evolutionary Architects28 March

Hey! To those of you who know me, I'm so glad that you're viewing this, my lovely angels! Your support is so so much appreciated. If you're new, I'm Evolutionary Architects and here's my backstory. I discovered interior design/architecture in the midst of my desperation to do smth new and interesting during the Covid outbreak. As you may assume, I fell in love with this beautiful art and capability to create incredible spaces and things! As my knowledge and love for design has grown, my skills have also increased, and I, as usually, would like to here your opinion on my debatable decision. I would like to know if you think I should make my own interior design website, kinda like a portfolio for the public, or not. Please be honest and give your feedback, your criticism, any thoughts you have. I want to hear them all! Love you all! 

       - Evolutionary Architects

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