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The T-Shaped Room Contest!

Homestyler Official6 January

📢In order to make our design community more interesting, and to encourage every user to keep creating, Homestyler will be holding regular design contests and activities from now on, with prizes of free points, memberships, and renderings. Feel free to visit Homestyler Forum for activity information~

The Homestyler Design Award 2021 is already underway! You can click the link to view specific details:

Now we start our seventh routine contest -The T-Shaped Room Contest!!!!


Goodbye 2021, and Hello 2022 - the Year of Tiger🐯!

In China, the tiger symbolizes bravery, strength, vitality and good luck. And we hope you a prosperous new year with all these best wishes! To welcome the Year of the Tiger in 2022, Homestyler is organizing a special activity for the Year of the Tiger. We provide you with a floor plan shaped like the letter "T" (for Tiger). In this room, you can decorate it with various tiger elements, for example, you can find some tiger-shaped carpets in the free Model Collection Vol68 - Funny Carpet from the Trends catalog. And you can also upload your own tiger element images as paving tiles, or as materials for paintings or pillows,  to design it as a tiger element room to welcome the new year!


Submission: 2022.01.06 (Thursday) to 2022.01.17(Monday)

Winner Announcement:2022.01.018 to 2022.01.20

Awards & Prizes

Once your work is shortlisted, we will give you 10 points as a reward. The shortlisted works can be found in our Gallery under the “#TShapedContest tag.

Selected Awards:

(Each participator shall only be awarded once for the same award, and the awarded projects will be further featured in the main Gallery - which means the design will not only be shown under the Activity tag, but also the mainstream of the featured designs!)

Best Room Award:

1st Prize (3 winners):  One month of Master Membership (worthy $45.9)

2nd Prize (5 winners): One month of Pro Membership (worthy $25.9)

3rd Prize (8 winners): One month of Styler Membership (worthy $12)

Best Popularity Award (5 winners): Ten 4K renders + Unlock one paid model package

Most Innovative Award (5 winners): Ten 4K renders + Unlock one paid model package

*As an additional bonus, all awarded designs above will get additional 50 points for being featured in Gallery.

Selection Criteria:

Best Room Award: 25% Number of likes + 25% Innovatoin + 25% Aesthetics + 25% Color Matching

Best Popularity Award: To 3 projects with the highest points = (70% x Number of likes) + (30% x Number of views)

Most Innovative Award: Innovation will be the first criteria - whether you make the most innovative purpose of the room, or the most creative redecoration of the space. Remember to include your ideas in the project description!

Submission Requirements

Content Requirements:

1)Floor plan: design with the designated room provided by Homestyler. Click the following link to copy the empty room under your account:

2)Render quality&quantity: each room/space contains at least two 2K and above normal renders(normal image, not panorama) and uploaded floor plans

3)Project name: the project name must contain the hashtag#TShapedContest

4)Project status: the project needs to be set to public status, otherwise it will not enter the selection.

5)Number of entries: the number of projects submitted is not limited, but each person shall only be awarded one prize.

6)We have updated a free model, which contains some carpets with tiger elements. You can find Vol.68 in the model library to use~

Submission Process

1)Click the link and open our designated empty room to design:

Please use Homestyler Floor Planner to create the design and renders that meet the requirements of the contest. After finishing the design, please go to "Edit Project" under the "My Designs" tab and give a general description of the project.

2)After editing your project, please add the hashtag #TShapedContest  at the beginning of your project name in order to submit your design to the preliminary selection pool. Make sure you leave a description of your design ideas and then update the floor plan.

3) Set your project to be public status.

4) If your work passes preliminary selection and gets shortlisted, it will show up in Gallery under the  #T ShapedContest tag.

5) We will post the final winner announcement in the Forum, and we will send an email to all winners.

6) During your participation, feel free to contact us if you have any questions:


1: How to upload 2D Models/Texture and use them in Homestyler?

1) First, you need to save the image you need to upload locally, enter the Homestyler Floor Planner, select "My-Upload-Upload 3d Model/Texture" and click "2D model - upload image/texture" to upload the image in .jpg, .jped or .png format.

2)Click "Edit" and select the basic information of the category of the material, and submit it after confirmation.

3)After patiently waiting for a few minutes, you can enter "My-Upload-Texture/Material" catalog to apply the material to the interior finishes.

4) If you need to replace the model with this image as material, you need to select the model, click "Replace Material" and then select "My-Upload" texture to replace.

*For the detailed tutorial with multi-language subtitles, please watch it on our Youtube channel:

2: Can I modify the wall height of the room, or add more rooms inside the space?

Of course, you can! You can design both the inside and outside the room. But please be careful not to change the length and width (the general outline) of the designated floor plan.

3: Can I add windows and doors, or other building structures like partitions to the room?

Of course, you can! You can even add more floors or basement to it.

4: Can I change the color and material of the wall and floor?

Of course, you can!

5: What should I do if I cannot update the floor plan when editing the project?

You can refresh the page or check whether there is a problem with the network. If you still cannot upload after trying, you can add an aerial render instead to show an overview of the whole design.

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I re-imagined my t-shape room as a desert Airbnb tiny house, with a wading pool courtyard cabana.
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