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Estibaliz BurguenoYesterday

Hello  if  someone can please  help  me,  I  am  working  a house  project and   after  come  days  working  on it, I  have this  issue between the levels, I  have  floor  1 and 2 and  sudenly  a separation  appear  between  the walls, Not  sure  what  did I  activate I  already  revised  all I could think   the  issue  would be  but  after some hours  I  can  not  find out,  looks like  the  second  level is floating

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Grace SimmonsYesterday
It looks like the glitch is in the 'edit floor' for the 2nd floor. When you edited the floor to make the staircase hole, for some reason the floor edit is not registering. It happens alot and HS really doesn't have a solution. What I have done is fill the floor in, save design, do something else. Then edit again in sections --not crossing lines or vertexes, saving and leaving interface after each edit with several minutes between edits. Its time consuming and annoying but that is the only way to get it correct. At least that's what worked for me. Good luck.