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a wooden bench with sheep grazing in a field


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Adventures of Countryside Living…

Reminds me of when we lived in Oley Twnship and bordering the property was a field with cows. Our little dog, Mick, would love to go under the fence and visit them.

This home design project - Adventures of Countryside Living… was published on 2023-05-17 and was 100% designed by Homestyler Mobile App, which includes 36 popular, exquisite models

a wooden bench with sheep grazing in a field

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Comments (16)

  • default-avatar.pngIsa Martinez

    So lovely 🥰

    31 May

  • default-avatar.pngStacey Stevens🐺🤎🍃

    Omgosh lol 😂 u are so right!!! hehe thx for the 🤭 giggle… Much appreciation my dear friend…🤗🦋🤎🤗🦋🤎

    20 May

  • default-avatar.pngCyn Emerling

    So fun

    20 May

  • default-avatar.pngMarilena Valerio

    A great perspective my dear Stacey 👏👏💚💚💚

    19 May

  • default-avatar.pngVIKI V

    Fabulous work my dearest Stacey!!🔥💛

    19 May

  • default-avatar.pngCertainly Sharon

    A great perspective

    19 May

  • default-avatar.pngMaura Bonini

    fantastic 💜❤️💙❤️💜❤️

    18 May

  • default-avatar.pngExa B

    Ha ha! That reminds me of the movie “Babe” with all the animals on the farm talking to each other. Great idea!

    18 May

  • default-avatar.pngStacey Stevens🐺🤎🍃 @ Shona - Eve

    Aww many thx my dear Shona, i appreciate ur kind words🌺🦋🌿🍃🌺🤎🦋🌿🤗🤗🤗

    18 May

  • default-avatar.pngStacey Stevens🐺🤎🍃 @ Sylvia Faulkner

    Thank u dear Sylvia🌺🦋🌿🌺🦋🌿🤗🤗

    18 May